[SOLVED] Power-throttling issue on Asus Rog G752VS Laptop ?

Nov 2, 2021
Hello Everyone,

I am seeking an assistance on what should I do / what troubleshooting should I do in regards to my issue.

When gaming, on cold start and launching a game, Board Power Draw / GPU Power is working fine 90W-120W / GPU Voltage 0.9V-1V

But after few seconds (when GPU reaches 65c or experienced too much stress (too much load?)). The issue now starts...

GPU Power is now capped on ONLY up to 50-52 Watts / GPU Voltage is also capped to only 0.8V

I have tried reinstalling driver (clean reinstall using DDU)
Overclocking memory and GPU Clock speed (GPU Clock/memory speed overclock are applied but GPU Voltage/GPU Power are still capped)
Undervolting GPU (Same result) (I have tried ASUS GPU Tweak II, MSI Afterburner, ROG Gaming Center)
Max Fan speeds
NVCP Power management mode is set to Prefer Maximum performance
Link State Power Management is already set to Off

My CPU is already undervolted at -165mV (Temp reading never reaches beyond 80C)

The temperature reading of CPU is between 65-70 degrees and GPU is between 63-68 degrees while I am experiencing this power throttling.
Closing the game/benchmark and re-opening will not restart this capping, it will be like a permanent cap until a restart / turn off the laptop again.

I have tried to lock voltage/frequency using Afterburner but it caps at the capped voltage 0.8V, it won't go beyond that (i.e locking voltage 0.9-1V)
The laptop has been recently cleaned (reapplied thermal paste)

Temperature Limit:
91c Max 54c Minimum

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB GDDR5
Intel Core i7 6th Gen 6700HQ (2.60 GHz)
16 GB Memory Single channle DDR4
500gb Kingston NVME SSD M.2

Power Limit screenshot


This sounds like a BIOS issue. Does this power limit occur when plugged in and unplugged? When the battery is removed? Are you on the latest bios for your CPU? Have you done any research for your particular laptop model to see if anyone else is experiencing the same issue? It could be a defect or a feature to prevent damage to the system. It's possible the motherboard has poor power delivery and is causing the GPU to power limit sooner than it should.