Question Power to Case Fans (auto-controlled rpm)??

Feb 27, 2019
I recently purchased parts for a new build. As I'm building my computer, I realized I've got no way to power my fans. I went with the Corsair Crystal 460x RGB case which comes with 3 fans at the front of the case, I purchased an additional 3-pack of the exact same fans and installed them so I'd have 1 rear exhaust and 2 top exhaust. I purchased the ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming motherboard and it only has 1 CPU Fan header, and 2 Case Fan headers.

My stupid question is, how do I go about powering all 6 fans + my cpu air cooler and not have them running at 100% RPM? I have yet to get them all spinning at the same time but I can only imagine it will be pretty loud. The fans are 3-pin which from my research means the only way to control their speed is through the BIOS which to my understanding means they all need to be connected directly to the motherboard which seems impossible with only 2 headers.

I understand I can purchase hubs and splitters, but is there a way to do this and have the fans controlled like a stock fan would where as the temp increases, the fans spin faster until it cools down?
cpu air cooler connects to cpu fan port next to cpu

can buy fan controllers about £30 but generally they can all run at 100% is normal they generally connect together and have a connector foe the next fan so all three or four could be on one motherboard connector
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Jan 16, 2018
I bought a sata fan hub, it draws power from a sata connecter, and has multiple headers for up to 9 fans, it has a sticky thing on the back so you can stick it anywhere inside the case, the only issue I've had with it is speed fan doesn't recognise that there's fan still connected so i can't controll the speeds, as mentioned in the previous chaps reply you could also use a fan controller