Question Power to graphics card but no display


Mar 6, 2021
I just got a Rtx 2080. It’s the gigabyte 3 fan one.

the rgb on it turns on and fans spin but there’s no display on any of the ports.
On my first system I did used ddu on safe mode like always. No display…

Then I just put it into my second pc and no display but the rgb turns on and fans spin

I tried it on (boots with my msi rx 580 & strix 560)
Asus b450 prime
Ryzen 7 1700
Xpg d41 8x2
Inland 120gb ssd(boot drive)
Evga supernova nex650G 80+ gold

I tried it on (boots with my msi rx 580 & strix 560)
Gigabyte h81i itx
Xeon E3-1240
PNY 2x8gb ecc
256gb inland ssd(boot) brand new just took out the packaging
Evga 600GD 80+ gold

I had bought a hp oem Rtx 2080 from this seller which turned on but then in a couple minutes black screen repeatedly on every instal of windows.

is there a fix for this or is this seller just a massive time waster and this card is dead
Dec 29, 2022
Have you tried plugging your cable directly into the motherboard and check if you get a signal there?
If yes, check in windows device manager if your RTX 2080 shows up.