Question Power Transmitting Laptop Docking Station and Desktop PC


Jul 14, 2016
Hello all,

I'm considering purchasing a prebuilt desktop PC and I currently have a Dell WD19 180W docking station. I would like to continue to use my laptop for work and then the PC for gaming. I am fairly confident the docking station will work with the GPU because the docking station has thunderbird technology, what I'm concerned about and haven't been able to find a concrete answer on is the power transmitting part being compatible with the dedicat d power supply in the desktop. Any information you guys have would be great!

Edit: I want to easily change my docking station from my laptop to my desktop PC and not have to hassle with unplugging and replugging everything in constantly.


I'm considering purchasing a prebuilt desktop PC
Depends on what CPU/GPU the prebuilt PC has.

I want to easily change my docking station from my laptop to my desktop PC and not have to hassle with unplugging and replugging everything in constantly.
As far as i understand, what you want to do with it, this can't be done. Namely the "hassle free" part.

What you can have, is docking station connected to laptop, while desktop has it's own dedicated GPU, for gaming. While where you need to switch around monitor input cable (if you have 1 monitor only) or have dedicated monitor for either of the PCs.

E.g lets say you currently have this setup:

To where you want to plug the cable from desktop PC? Since that docking station isn't a KWM switch and it doesn't have multiple input ports. Only one, that currently comes from your laptop.

So, in bare minimum, you still have to switch around the docking station's input cable, between laptop and desktop.


This Dell docking station?

Dell Docking Station

The requirement being that either the work laptop or the prebuilt gaming pc use/share the same keyboard, video monitor(s), and mouse (KVM) - correct?

A basic 2 Port KVM switch should do that. KVM switches come in or with any number of possible configurations regarding ports and connectivity options. KVM switches can be automatic or manual.

However what are the networking requirements?

The starting point is a simple diagram. By that I mean a diagram that shows all of the computers (in your case laptop/docking station and pre-built gaming PC) along with the keyboard, video monitor(s), and mouse.


(Note: not a recommendation or endorsement for any given switch. The example diagrams are the important part.)

If you google "KVM switch diagrams connections" you will find many, many other examples.

You need your own diagram showing how you plan to connect everything and in detail showing ports, plugs (type and gender), along with the applicable cables needed to make the connections. It takes some initial time and effort to work it all out.

It is important to know what ports are available on each device. In many cases you will need to purchase the cables and that will add to the costs involved.

If you eventually want to have a two monitor environment then plan for that now. Video connections can be especially cumbersome when trying to get everything to match (VGA, DVI, HDMI, DP....)

Sketch out a diagram that shows your requirements and then start searching for a switch and/or cables to put it all together.