Powercolor HD 4890 (Battleforge Edition)



Does anyone own this card and not actually play Battleforge?

If so I could really use the code for the promo card.

The card came with a promo card "Fallen Skyelf" code.

Source: http://hardwarebistro.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2366&Itemid=1

I just upgraded my PC to 2x HD 4870's in Crossfire, and I really don't feel like wasting $200+ on a video card to get a card.

If anyone is generous enough to give me the code please email it to me.

Email: dra1985@comcast.net

Really sucks that games are partnering up with hardware companies, and in order to have a complete collection or bonus items you have to buy the hardware...



Oct 26, 2009
I'm totally a fan of Battleforge two and an avid ATI RADEON fan i currently have the 4850 and it gets the job done. Anybody looking to get rid of their promo codes on the XFX or Powercolor 5770's. Please I will send you a few pesos or euros or dinero to a discreet paypal location. I'm a fanatic of the game and I loves me some battle forge. Please contact me at battleforgefanatic69@gmail.com. My name is Michelle and I'm a female nerd. I build gaming pc's for fun as a side hobby for my Uncle's company. I think the card is Fallen Skyelf and its one bad bad card. If you are planning on just giving it away don't. I'll send you something to at least make the pain in your wallet that we experience every time we have to upgrade our cards go away. Thanks and have an awesome one.