News PowerColor Reveals VRAM Configurations for RX 6700 and 6700XT


Most likely 6Gb will be just fine to 1080p gamers, but those going to 1440p most likely benefit from 12gb.
All in all, this is normal situation. When 480 was available as 4Gb and 8Gb versions. 4Gb was reasonable popular, but 8Gb did win in the long run. Same will happen now! 6Gb version will get sales but 12gb will be more popular in the long run. As long as we customers can buy 6Gb or 12gb as we like, I don`t mind at all. Customer is the King and can chose either version based on what he likes and is ready to pay!
The problem is that if gddr6 shortage forses companies to only produce the 6Gb version...