Powercolor RMA experience


Powercolor RMA experience was legit. I submitted an RMA request on the 12th of Jan '19. today is the 29th of the same month and I now have what looks like a Brand New VEGA 64 Red Devil. I was a little concerned with a few online reviews that I have read and I didn't know what to expect as far as time frame and whether or not it would be a non-working card/refurb. I was having an issue where it would not display on every boot. I sent them a little letter explaining the situation when I sent back the first card. very promptly they sent a response saying that they received it and that it would undergo testing. less than a week went by and I received another email saying that my replacement was on the way with a tracking number. two weeks from the day I sent the card, I received the replacement, not bad. I know they were just doing what they were supposed to with a defective product, but at least they did it. It was the easiest RMA process I have ever been through. Happy with the service, honestly don't care about the card. it was about the principal, and that was my PowerColor RMA story.