PowerEdge 2650 - missing drivers and display problem


Jul 22, 2009
A friend of mine recently bought a Dell power edge 2650 and he restored using an win xp home with the XP OEM key. The problem is the graphic driver is installed but the graphic response really slow like the driver was never install and when you move the program around the desktop, you can see it trailing.

Another problem that i'm having is there are 3 ethernet ports and the ethernet driver is installed and show in the device manager; however, it also shows there is another missing ethernet driver from broadcom netextreme but the first 2 ethernet ports doesn't detect when an ethernet cable is plug in. The 3rd ethernet port is able to detect and connect the server to the internet. I physically checked the ethernet port and there is no physical damage.

The last problem i'm having is the 3 missing drivers which belong to the raid and SCSI driver but I couldn't locate and install the driver.

Please help and thank you in advance.

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