Question Powering & Controlling ARGB & Phanteks components


Aug 11, 2018
Hello everyone!

I'm doing a visual overhaul of my PC, moving away from Corsair and going for a more generic Phanteks/ARGB approach.

The one problem I'm having though is figuring out how to control and power everything!

Right now I already have (just keeping it to relevant glowy things):
Alphacool Eisblock 3080 Waterblock (D-RGB, 3 pin, 0.5A)
Lian Li/EK D1 Distro Plate (for O11) (D-RGB, 3-pin, 0.3A)
EK Inertia D5 Pump (D-RGB, 3-pin, Unknown amp, assume around 0.3A)
Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL, which has one front-facing RGB strip (D-RGB, 3-pin, unknown amp but again assume around 0.3A)
Corsair Vengeance DDR4 RAM & Corsair K95 Keyboard. I don't really plan to swap these out, and I'm happy to use iCue to control that while using something else for the rest.
MSI Tomahawk Z490 Motherboard

At this point I just want to say I despise Dragon Centre/Mystic Light with a burning passion and want to avoid using it at all costs. I will happily sacrifice the motherboards built-in LEDs to not use it.

In addition, I plan to get:
7x Phanteks Halos Lux 120mm (0.9A each, 6.3A total)
2x Phanteks Neon Digital 40mm RGB strips (0.84A each, 1.68A total)
1x Phanteks Neon Digital 55mm RGB strip (1.14A)
1x Phanteks Neon Digital 100mm RGB strip (2.1A)

And finally, an as-of-yet undecided waterblock. I currently have a Corsair Hydro one but I don't like the design, I'll probably get something from EK that matches my Eisblock/Distro Plate, so we can assume it'll just be another D-RGB 3-pin connection.

Onto my scenario:

So first off, I have five devices which use DRGB, and 10 more devices using Phanteks proprietary system. Ideally, I want all of these to be controlled over USB or similar so that I can avoid Mystic Light like the plague it is. Currently, the only option for the DRGB stuff I've found is Cooler Master's hub, which can be ran over USB and controlled via their software. However, I can find absolutely no information at all about the max power output. My DRGB devices will use around 1.7A, so I'm pretty sure this would be OK for those devices. Am I correct with that guess?

Then comes the Phanteks stuff. As for controls, they do have a hub which has its own SATA power - I figure I can just plug this into one of the ports on the Cooler Master hub - would that work or am I trying to control too many LEDs from one port? Also, the phanteks stuff has quite a lot of draw (11.22A total). I'm pretty sure that's more than one hub can handle - again I can't find any output but SATA itself only provides 4.5A. Does that mean I'm really going to need three of these hubs??

I have a bunch of DRGB devices and a bunch of Phanteks devices and I want to control and power all their RGB in a centralized place that is not controlled by my motherboard. I need suggestions on the best way to approach this considering the high amperage power draw.