Powering PNY Geforce GTX 560ti with OCZ 700w - Cable installation?


Oct 5, 2011
I just recently picked up a new graphics card, the PNY Geforce GTX 560ti. Subsequently I also grabbed a new psu since my old psu was only a 350w and the card needed a min 500w.

I'm hoping someone can help me in correctly powering the card. My new psu comes with the the following power connections and cables www.ocztechnology.com/res_old/manuals/psu/OCZMXSP500-700.pdf . The PNY Geforce GTX 560ti card needs 2 6-pin PCI Express cables in order to power it. You can view the connections here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qac427R1F3I - (2:20).

I'm a little new to this stuff and kind of scared to just start plugging in any old cable. I'm guessing that since the card needs 2 6-pin connections that they would match up to the two 8-pin rails on the PSU? If that is the case I'm guessing I could use the PCI Express cable that goes from 8-pin (connect to the psu) to the 6-pin (connect to my graphics car), but I was only given one of those. Is it just up to me to purchase another similar one? Or am I supposed to use the 6/8 PCI Express Video cable that came with the psu. This cable is very similar except that I would have to separate two pins from the one end to make it a 6pin, leaving 2 pins from the cable dangling to the side.

Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated. If any additional info is needed I'm happy to elaborate.