Powering xfire 5850s


Mar 22, 2010
I'm buying a new psu to power my second 5850 when i get it. If the psu i get has 2 6pins and 2 8 pins, can i still use the 8pins as a six pin power connector?

The radeon 5850 requires dual six pin pcie connectors.

Also, i have a side question....will a diamond 5850 and a 5850 from another company like xfx, his, or asus play nice in xfire? I don't see why i would have any problems.

I know the second part belongs in the vid card section, but a simple yes or no answer will suffice.
If the 8 pin connectors are actually 6+2 pin, which is a 6 pin with a 2 pin attachment which can be split off, then it will fit. Otherwise, I don't think that you can use 8 pins in a 6 pin PCI-e socket.

Cards from different companies will work in CrossFireX, and a Diamond would work just fine with XFX, HIS, ASUS or any other company. Note that if you have a 512MB version of one card and CFX with a 1GB version, the 1GB card will only use 512MB.