Question Powerjack replacement

Oct 7, 2020
I have a 5 year old ASUS F555LD (X555). I've tripped over the charging cable once too often and the jack is u/s. It's soldered to the MB unfortunately and, as confirmed in many google and youtube posts, has proved very difficult to remove. A $7 replacement is on its way but the exercise may turn out to be a waste of time because I may have destroyed 2 of the board contact points.
Like many powerjacks, there are 2 soldered points along the edge into which lugs from the outer metal case of the jack are soldered. They're clear, as is the positive point at the rear.
But there are 2 other wires at the rear of the jack , less than a millimetre apart, and these I just couldn't clear of solder. It looks (and I've used a jewellers loupe) as if they're connected across the MB circuitry - which would defeat the whole object of there being 2 connectors in the first place.
Does anyone have any idea what the specific function of these are?
One seems (again through looking at the MB circuitry) to lead to the on/off button via a tiny 'brick' shaped component measuring less than 1 x2 and less than 1 mm thick. It has 3 of the thinnest wires attaching to the MB, 2 on one side, the other on the opposite. What that doe is a mystery, but I'm guessing it is to do with the closing the circuit when the power on/off button is pressed.
If anyone can throw any light on the above, I'd be very grateful!
P.S. After 5 years I'm replacing the ASUS in any event - but I would like to sort out the jack problem just for the challenge of it. Oh for universal magnetic coupling jacks, one of the things Apple did get right!