Question Powerline Adapter (AV1000) Download Speed only 8-16 Mbps ?

Dec 21, 2021
Hey. I recently bought the TP-Link AV1000 powerline adapter for my computer, but after I set it up, the download speed's very slow. It ranges from 8 Mbps to 16 Mbps.

I've tried everything including reinstalling my LAN drivers, running the Windows troubleshooter, and setting that IPv4 property to "Obtain IP address automatically". So far, nothing has worked. Can you please help me fix this?
I would first test with the pc directly plugged into the router even if than means moving the pc temporarily. This will quickly show if it is a problem with the pc.

It is likely some issue with the wires in your house. Powerline units work well for most people but there are still some houses that they have trouble with.

Be sure you have the powerline unit directly plugged into the wall outlets with no extensions or power strips. Other than that you only other option is to try different outlets. I guess you could try to test them connected to 2 different outlets in the same room as the router put it is unlikely they are defective.