[SOLVED] Powerline Adapter By TP-Link causing the router to lose dsl connection

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Oct 25, 2019
So I have tried many things.

When I originally got this powerline it worked for about a week. Here's the thing whenever I go to download say CS:GO on my pc, it starts at 1Mbps then drops slowly to 700kbps and down to 300 then the router loses DSL connection. I tried what was on the routers (Fritz! Box) website and it said to move the powerline further away. So I did, about 10M. Checked all cabling and even did a firmware update, used the older version of DSL to see if that made a difference and no. Nothing.

I've been lost for a few months and need some assistance. Will also try a different powerline maybe something newer. I've switched routers twice now and no difference. In fact, we had to move to the old one again. Please try to respond quickly...

Thank you for listening.