Question Powerline adapter shows all green lights but devices have no internet ?


Dec 23, 2018
Hi all, a few months ago I bought a WPA5717 Powerline Kit to reach a part of my house that could not be done with a reasonable amount of mesh routers. I initially plugged the main powerline into our router, but after our router crashed a few times and my download speed shrunk from 60+ mbps to 3-5 mbps, I tried to plug the main powerline directly into our modem instead, figuring that it would be okay as the WPA5717 can broadcast its own signal.

Doing that, all lights remained green on both powerline plugs, and pairing is no problem, but none of my devices are receiving any internet, even when directly plugged into the powerline through ethernet. To troubleshoot, I've tried the following:

  • Resetting and repairing the two powerlines (multiple times)
  • Changing the IP, gateway, and subnet to match our main router
  • Turned off DCHP (which has apparently worked for some)

Any idea what could be going on? The TPplc app shows that 150+ mbps are going to my powerline in the "data rate" section but I am still receiving no internet.
This all depends on what the box actually is that you call a modem.

A true modem just converts the wire coming in from outside your house to ethernet. Although more complex it is pretty much just a media converter.

Your powerline units are very similar in function, all they do is convert ethernet to whatever is used on power wires and then convert it back....and in your case can convert it to wifi also.

The router has a different primary purpose. It takes the single IP address you get from the ISP and shares it with all your internal devices.

Without a router only 1 of your devices will function and you never can be sure which device will get it.

Now if the device you call a modem is actually a modem and router combined then it should be possible to plug a powerline directly to it and there is likely something else causing this problem. The powerline unit is actually completely invisible to your network. Your end devices think they have a direct connection to the router.