Powerpoint voice over only sounds through headset, not speakers?


Jun 27, 2008
So I have a project due, and I decided to voice over all the words using my microphone and headset, both which were plugged in. I used powerpoints built in program to create the narration for each slide, which pops up as a speaker on the slide when it's made. However I can only play back the narration through my headset speakers, for some reason when I unplug my headset and even the mic cords and play the narration on power point It doesent make any sound. My speakers play everything else normally, I even used many different formats to save my powerpoint presentation in to no avail. I even had my headset and mic plugged in while I used a powerpoint presentation format and I pulled out the headset speakers cord and my narration played for a split second then stopped. I use Realtek HD Audio Manager and I have a built in sound card on a high end motherboard an a Sennheiser PC 350 Headset. Any ideas?