PowerSpec 1520

Unfortunately my car was broken into last week and my laptop was stolen. I travel a lot for work so I like to have a laptop that can game when I am in a hotel. The laptop that was stolen was a Acer Helios 300 with a 1060 and I was happy with it.

I am looking at getting another laptop and found a really good deal at Microcenter for a PowerSpec 1520. This is a Microcenter brand, and I wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with the PowerSpec. It has some very good hardware (8750h, 2070, SSD) and the open box price is $1189.

Honestly, it is more than I wanted to spend (was looking under 1k) but it is such a good deal that I am considering it. I welcome any feedback anyone has on it as I did not even know that Microcenter had a store brand for laptops.

Here is the link



Glad it worked out for you! I'm putting aside some cash for Black Friday to get a decent mid range gaming laptop for Division 2/RDR2/Biomutant/Maneater/etc. Hopefully there are some good deals at Microcenter as my budget is only like $700 tops.