Question PowerSpec B672 keeps crashing with SDD installed ?

Jun 20, 2022
I have gotten this older PowerSpec B672 PC as part of a trade from a kid and it was working fine before I reset it. I bought a 120gb ssd for windows 10 and was going to make a cheap little gaming system. It keeps blue screening with "kmode exception not handled" not after it. I looked online to see fixes nothing has worked. I bought another 120gb ssd thinking maybe it was the drive but nope it does the same thing. So now I have put the original hdd back in the system and it still does it with a fresh install of windows 10.

I noticed in task manger the cpu is at 100% at all times ik it's a older 4 core but I have used older 4 cores Like the i5-2400 and they were not at 100% usage all the time. I need help please idk if it's a bad Update from windows I don't know.

System specs:
Cpu: i5-2320
Ram: 8gb 1333mhz
Hdd: 250gb wd blue
Psu: 350w not sure the brand

Things I have done:
  • Ran ram diagnostics no bad ram
  • Ran hard diagnostic with Crystaldisk all drives are good
  • Turned off elan services
  • Checked bios boot orders and bbs priorities all stock settings and all drivers show up
  • Updated things from device manger
and a bunch more but nothing has worked.
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