Prblm with nw graphic card


Oct 19, 2011
i just have bought msi gts 450 oc graphic card

i unable to get a suitable driver , driver in cd is not working properly

sometimes system restarts, and it keep on blinking for less than a second many times either you are playing games or just surfing net

some one suggested it is powersupply prblm

intel core 2 duo 2.94
msi gt31 motherboard
4 gb ddr2 ram
320 gb harddisk
lg dvd writer
500 watt power supply

what should i do


under load your gpu pulls 219w. under idle its 105. this is for the standard card. does not show the power draw for the OC model.

This could be a power problem but unlikely if it happens when playing games and surfing the net.

I would try getting updated drivers off the net. If that does not work the PSU would be my next guess.


Jul 6, 2011
Because you drivers, games and your web browser make use of Java. There have been a lot of java fixes the last few months and when you update java you need to uninstall your older versions first otherwise like gpu drivers it can cause problems
reviews on your card seem positive so I reckon its ok,
low power to a card would just manifest by the kind of problems your experienceing, but before you splash out on a new psu (as stated yours seems fine for the draw required) check the drivers
it wouldn't damage the card as far as I'm aware, just cause it to perform erroneously
Please, first fix the problem with your keyboard. Your posts are hard to read.

Obvious questions first: is your video cable properly connected? Is your monitor power cable properly connected? Are all the connectors within your PC properly connected?