Pre-applied thermal paste or U-Applied Thermal paste

Apr 10, 2018
Hi all,

So am building my first pc soon and I wanted to know to use pre-applied thermal paste or my own.

I will be using a light over clock to my ryzen 5 1600 to 3.5ghz from 3.2ghz

So first, does the stock cooler even come with pre-applied paste or no

Second, What are the differences in temperature are they dramatic like 10C less than pre-applied or is it like a 1C or 2C difference, also am going to use arctic mx4 thermal paste

So finally is it worth to spend the extra for thermal paste or should I just go with pre-applied thermal paste (if it comes pre-applied)

Also is pre-applied paste good for overclocks

Btw is there a difference in life span of thermal paste

Thank you
Even if it does not come with pre-applied paste, it's easy to apply, just a drop of it of size of corn kernel at the middle of processor and you are set.
There's no really large difference between best and worst pastes, few degrees at most although there are some that can make larger difference, like liquid metal for instance but are difficult to apply and potentially dangerous.
Go for OEM paste, for OC you are planning is more than good enough. Make sure you clean surface(s)with pure alcohol before applying.