[SOLVED] Pre-Applied Thermal Paste

Jun 19, 2020
I've bought the AMD Ryzen 5 3600, which comes with the Wraith Stock Cooler. I've noticed that the Stock Cooler comes with pre-applied Thermal Paste, however I've also bought a tube of thermal paste ahead of time.

After some research, I've noticed that many people say that it is better to use a 3rd party Thermal Paste, rather than the pre-applied Thermal Paste provided. However should I remove the pre-applied Thermal Paste? We haven't got any rubbing alcohol, but we have some Vodka which I've used previously as an alternative, however I'm unsure whether it would be suitable in this situation? Or can I apply my 3rd party thermal paste, and not clean off the already pre-applied thermal paste?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :D


There are a bajillion brands out there when it comes to thermal paste. Obviously the ones used on a stock cooler will get you by but something like that made by Noctua, Arctic or even Thermal Grizzly will be much better. That being said, what is the brand of your 3rd party thermal paste?
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I wouldn't mix paste. I really don't think anything bad would happen....but why chance it.

I would actually try it with just the preapplied paste. The temps may be fine and you save yourself work.

If not....THEN I would remove the preapplied and put some good aftermarket paste on.


If you can't go to your local drug store and buy a $1-2 bottle of rubbing alcohol, just scrape the pre-applied TIM off with the side of a credit card as best you can.

As others have said, the difference depends on what aftermarket thermal paste you have.

One thing to consider is that, sometimes the seal around pre-applied thermal paste in the box can be poor and the thermal paste will be dried out. Dried thermal paste obviously doesn't perform well. Touch a small corner with your fingernail and it should be tacky and able to be spread. If not, I'd probably re-apply.
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Jun 19, 2020
The preapplied is just fine. At most, you'd see a degree or two difference.

And if you ARE going to change it, you MUST remove all the preapplied. Not layer new stuff over it.
And not with vodka.

Save the tube you bought for future use.
Thanks, however I may have messed up the thermal paste as when the processor arrived a few days ago, I checked out the fan to make sure that everything was alright, without knowing there was already pre-applied thermal paste I accidentally touched it. The picture looks exactly like this - View: https://imgur.com/HTZenYe
with also a few smudges on the sides.

I'm not sure whether it'll make mess it up or not, but as mentioned I've bought the MX-4 Thermal Paste from Artic, so I could just buy some rubbing alcohol and use that instead of the pre-applied.

Again, thanks for the help