Question Pre-Bios Freeze and Slow boot

Jul 9, 2020
Hi all.
This week my PC started doing something strange. When I switch it on the screen and keyboard switch on, but the screen remains black and I don’t see the bios screen at all. Then when I press the restart button on my PC case the bios screen immediately appears.
It does this everytime and I’ve left it for 2 seconds and restarted and also for 3 minutes with the same effect.

When I switch on the PC the red light showing the HDD is working does nothing, until I press the restart button.

The only thing that changed before and after the problem was me installing Photoshop (which I unistalled since). My hardware is all fine I checked it, but just incase.
8GB ddr4 ram
Gtx 950
Msi H110M LGA1151 motherboard
some 650w psu
Gamdias Hermes H2 bought 2 weeks ago.

The PC has booted up in about 8 seconds for the last 6 years and now the task manager startup says 190seconds sometimes.