Dec 16, 2012
Im looking at getting a pre-built system for my little brother, he wants to start gaming on computer, I would like to buy the tower from Best Buy since i work there, and i can get 18 months no interest on my current credit card from there. My Budget on the tower is around 750 firm. Should i buy an i5 around 500 and just add a GPU and PSU? I don't have a CPU brand preference. He doesn't need anything crazy he is only 13.

Thank you for you help, Merry Christmas.
Obligatory build it yourself comment, its much cheaper and you'l end up with a a better rig.

Now thats out of the way, your just after a gaming machine?
I assume you already have a monitor.

This is the best gaming computer I could find out of the box, but its still not that great.

I advise you buy this.
Then install your own 8GB RAM kit, GPU and PSU. You would end up with a better system than any pre-configured set. And this way (it appears atleast) you also get a mouse and keyboard.

Although, as always, you would be better off building your own from scratch.