Prebuilt animation workspace recommendations

Sep 13, 2018
Hi there,

TL;DR: Looking for workspace specs for 3d animation/ VR specific computer with a budget of about 3000.00, will run programs such as mudbox, zbrush, blender, maya, motionbuilder etc.

I am an animation student/freelance visual artist looking to get serious about my workstation as I have only about a year of my degree left and my 2014 macbook pro is absolutely about to have a seizure (as one would expect).
I am admittedly ignorant to the world of Pc building so would like to have one built for me to avoid any self built rookie errors but am not sure of the most suitable specs to ask for.
Preferably I would like to pay more on the spot for the most powerful station I can afford as I want to prolong the need to upgrade as long as I can. That being said I would like it to support updates along the way if it could. Anyways, any help I can get would be much appreciated as I am not really sure where to start or what to use as a sounding board with so much different information out there.

Thanks in advance!



A good starting point is to look at the software you intend to use.

Most applications, especially professional software, present some listing of the necessary software and hardware requirements to run the application.

E.g, OS, CPU, Graphics Card, Memory, drive space, etc..

Often the requirements are presented as minimum, recommended, and best.

Professionally you will want best if at all possible and within budget. Especially with respect to 3D and VR.

Become familar with the application's SW and HW requirements. Look for pre-built systems that meet the specifications.

Learn how those systems are put together/built and start your own plan to match or exceed the specs.

Buying a pre-built PC may be a good solution for you. Reason being that if you build the PC yourself and there are problems the vendors will blame you and/or each other. And there will be problems - may or may not be of your own making but that will not matter to the vendors.

Avoid all that by a local purchase where you can "take it back".

Become familar with the required specs for the applications you will be using. Go as high as you can on each spec'd component.

The system will only perform at the speed of the slowest component.
Sep 13, 2018

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