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Mar 7, 2018
I've bought this PC a week ago (Ryzen 7 5900X, 3070ti, Asus TUF X570 Plus, 1 GB Team SSD and I've noticed overheating issues.

Using CPPUID HWMonitor:

The SSD never goes below 56C even when idling. I just copied a large file from another SSD and it reached up to 78C and slowed down transfer speed from 1.70 gb/s initially to around 175 mb/s.

Last night while playing RDR2 the CPU reached 92C. This seems excessively high.

The GPU meanwhile seems ok, had a max of 70.3C (GPU 70.3, Memory 90C, Hot Spot 79.2) which seems surprisingly low?

I am still in the return window of this PC and while I do like it otherwise I don't think that these temperatures are acceptable at all.
Any opinions on this?
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Specification lists 240 mm AIO. That should be enough to keep CPU in reasonable temp. 92 C on game is not reasonable. As for drive the specs don't list type so hard to tell but some of them run that hot, especially if they did not install anything to cool it. GPU temps look perfectly normal.

You need CPU temps problem solved. If they can provide help without sending PC back that could be good, otherwise if not possible or will not solve the problem I would suggest returning it.
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Oh joy, let's put an AIO in one of the worst cases possible for it! We'll put the radiator, a semi-porous wall, behind another wall(case front panel). The fans will do just fine behind them both!
AIO radiator + open mesh panel = 💗

@decy666 , M.2 drives have more than one temperature sensor, but most apps only report one: the memory. The memory does best a little warm.
The one that might be in trouble, and the one that gets ignored, is the ASIC controller. That one doesn't care to run too high. Use HWINFO - it can display Drive Temperature 1(memory) and Drive Temperature 2(controller).
A heatsink, as suggested by Lafong, would probably help, but the bigger issue is where the M.2 drive is located: that is the worst possible spot for them. It's a bit of an airflow deadzone, and when your gpu is running, it's sitting in a sauna.
Mobo designs that position an M.2 slot above primary x16 slot needs to die.

Ehh, maybe just return the thing. You shouldn't have to pay more to fix it...

Tubes on the radiator above the pump? That would be the reason why cooling does not work (unless that is the model that has pump in radiator).
The worst that position does is it becomes noisy after a few years as the air volume increases. Then much later, does low fluid volume become an issue, if the user doesn't get driven mad by the running water noises first. The OP hasn't had this nearly that long.
GN Steve and Jayz2cents have already covered this in their Stop Doing This, and This Is Fine videos.
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Is front panel of your pc case removable?
If yes, then
remove front panel​
flip AIO radiator upside down (hoses connected to bottom of the radiator).​

If front panel is not removable, then
move AIO radiator to top of the case (radiator fans in intake orientation. I hope there are ventilation holes on top of the case. Show photo, if possible.)​
move fans from top of the case to front.​


Mar 11, 2022
I would try to install the AIO in the top where the two exhaust(?) fans are right now, and install them where the radiator is now. also check that the pump is running at 100%. Not the fans, mind, the pump. But before that, check if the pump is running properly. Does one tube feel hotter than the other when under load? If yes, the pump might have failed. For the SSD, you can get a heatsink for 10 bucks or so. My drive in that slot never goes above 50°C maybe 52 on hot days.

Btw, if you run the system under load with the side panel off, how do temperatures develop then? Any improvements? That would hint at bad airflow in general. Also, I know others said the GPU temps are fine, but I still don't like the VRAM temps. For me, temps are about 72, 77, 82 (core, VRAM, hot spot) average on my 3070Ti with maybe 1-2°C higher highs, though I got a different model than you and there are some variants.
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