Question Prebuilt PC will not display (no POST no BIOS) ?

Apr 14, 2021
I recently bought a prebuilt PC with a bit of tax money this year, and upon arrival it will not display a thing. No POST, no BIOS, nothing. It said the PC ran fine before it shipped, so possibly something happened during shipping? Anyway, my monitor works fine, never have had any issues with it, but I know for certain that it's the actual PC. When I power it on the fans and RGB startup, and the fans seem to run at 100%. The GPU and CPU fans run fine, and the GPU gets warm as if it's actually working as it should be. A big glaring problem that I've seen is the first PCI-E port is bent, and the bottom connectors in the holes of the actual plastic piece cannot connect to the GPU. So as a no brainer, I reinstall my GPU into the second port, and still nothing.

My motherboard doesn't give codes, but it can still give them as I reseated my RAM sticks to see if it would help, and the motherboard threw a code saying one wasn't properly in all the way, so I know the motherboard is healthy enough at least to still detect problems. Looking at the entire board physically, I see no capacitors blown, or large scratches or anything. So far I've reseated both my GPU and RAM sticks, anything else I'm too afraid to mess with as this is my first proper PC where I have access to the hardware directly like this.

Motherboard: Asrock 890FX Deluxe5
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4
GPU: ATI Radeon HD 5870
RAM: 4 G Skill ddr2 2x2GB sticks
PSU: Unknown
SSD: Unknown
Hard Drive: Unknown