Discussion Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO) Success On 3rd Gen Ryzen?

PBO only affects three power limits
Package Power Tracking (“PPT”)
Thermal Design Current (“TDC”)
Electrical Design Current (“EDC”)

The effect on CPU clock speed is indirect, and PBO will never boost the CPU past the advertised clocks. At best it will allow the CPU to maintain boost clocks longer and more often.

PBO does not make a meaningful difference in performance. Perhaps a 1 or 2% increase in performance can be expected.
I would like to hear your experience with PBO on 3rd Gen Ryzen, according to many reviewers and customers, seems PBO isn't exactly working as it should.

Did it do anything for you? How much did your clocks increase?
The question this raises for me: how do they think PBO should work? Or more specifically: what result do they expect to see. I'm curious because I've wondered that much myself.

I have no way to reall tell what it's doing in terms of raising clock speed (it boosts to 4.4Ghz before...it boosts to 4.4Ghz after) but I do get better CB 20 benchmark scores when it's enabled and each of PPT, EDC and TDC are raised to the max and as well PBO Scalar is set to 10X. I suspect what's happening it it gets to boost more often and to higher clocks but there's no really good way I know to measure it. So I just look at performance results.
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