[SOLVED] Premium $3500+ build. Advice needed please.


Sep 4, 2015
Approximate Purchase Date: 1 August 2021

Budget Range: €2500 - €3500 Euros (~$3000 - $4000 USD)

System Usage: Software development + occasionally games

Parts Preferences: Don't care.

Rough requirements: 3 x 27 inch 1440p @ 144hz monitors + need WiFi too

Overclocking: I'd rather not, but am open to possibility, but only if can be sure computer will still be reliable.

Parts list

My opinion: Probably over spending on the SSD, not sure of an alternative though, I think it would be cool only having only one SSD/HDD as simpler to manage on desktop. (rather than having multiple hard drives getting confused on where you put something for example)

Additional Comments: Don't care about how it looks, though should be quiet,

And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading: Recently moved, buying new computer and everything from beginning.

Please give opinions? Any better alternatives on a part? (and yeah, prices are expensive here in Slovakia...)
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You're not overspending on the SSD. Top quality drive.

But, 1/2 the total is the GPU and monitors.
I agree with the above...get a better CPU cooler.