[SOLVED] Preparing Automatic Repair leads to a black screen.

Apr 22, 2020
I've booted my ASUS desktop few days ago and I was greeted with the "Preparing Automatic Repair". I decided to wait for like 10-15 mins for it to process and it ended up in a black screen with my mouse and keyboard's LEDS lighting up(No cursor). I keep my graphics card driver up to date through NVIDIA Geforce client and I've changed my resolution from 1920 x 1080 (120 hz) to 1920 x 1080 (144 hz)

So I decided to try these two methods:

1.) The Hard Reboot.
So I decided to hold my power button for about 5 seconds specifically when the ASUS Logo pops up. I repeated this process for 3 times and the same repair screen still pops up, it doesn't put me to any recovery screen like they've mentioned.

2.) Installation Media.
Yes, I've created a bootable USB on another working device using the media creation tool provided by Microsoft. I followed their instructions and changed my boot priority to my bootable USB but it turns out after the windows logo it just results in a black screen and nothing else.

Is it best to consult a technician or there are some options that I could try?

Desktop Details:
Operating system: Windows 10 Home 64 bit
Motherboard: Asus Prime B250M
RAM: HyperX 8GB
Processor: Intel i5 7400
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 1050 TI (4GB)
SSD: KINGSTON SUV500120G (120 GB) (Where the OS is installed)
HDD: ST1000DM010-2DM162(1 TB) (Personal Drive)
Power Supply: TR2 S (600 W)
Monitor: Atlas HD236c (144 hz)
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1) the repair options are meant to show up after Auto repair, so if you can't finish it, they will never show. So restarting 3 times won't work in your case.

2) likely need to turn off secure boot so that PC will boot off USB.
on the boot tab, it should have its own header, See if its in Windows UEFI mode or Other OS. If the 1st, secure boot is enabled. You might want to set to Other OS for now.
Don't touch key management.

its on page 60 here (Yes, I know its wrong motherboard but manuals for non Z boards don't include anything remotely close to what the Z boards get, and BIOS menus are the same mostly) - https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LGA1151/PRIME_Z270-A/E12293_PRIME_Z270-A_AR_BIOS_EM_WEB.pdf )