Question preparing for a 3090 aorus xtreme

Oct 24, 2020
First post here. I hope to do good. My thanks in advance for your time.
I need some help guys...
Recently i was luck enough to preorder a gigabyte 3080 aorus xtreme. And here comes trouble...
Some time ago (before entering to the pcmasterrace) i made the mistake of buying an hp omen premade. I've been updating the build with a better aio and a bigger case in order to build something cool with the new gpus. That time has come and now i need to change the motherboard. Actually i have the one that came with the omen (which is a micro atx called shire I'm absolutly sure there's no way to install the xtreme 3080 on it. I have like a thousand slots free in the case but due to the size of the motherboard if I connect the new gpu i won't be able to power the audio connector neither the 24-pin connector.
These are the specs of my actual build
Morherboard: Shire micro atx z390 LGA1151
i7 9700K
gpu: incoming
ram: HyperX 2x16 GB
ssd: 2xPCIe NVMe TLC M.2 de 512 GB
aio: kraken z63
case: NZXT H710i
I know the cpu is the old gen but i'll keep it for a couple of years. So the new motherboard should be a z390 (in order to be compatible with the LGA1151). Every recommendation of a mb would be appreciated.
So my questions are:
  • I don't think everything is as easy as pug the new mb and play so... Which steps should i do before changing the motherboard? Do i need to format all the pc? I've been reading about oem licenses of windows and stuff related. No worries about losing the actual license.
  • In the actual build, even i have two differents ssd, it came combined which is a pretty thing. Is there any way to keep it like that or at least to make them one again?
  • (All info about upgrading the bios of motherboards will be really appreciated.
Sorry for the long text and a lot of thanks for your time.
Oct 24, 2020
Is the shire motherboard the same size and mounting hole locations as an atx motherboard?

Will your power supply be able to run the 3080 (or 3090 per your title) or will you buy a new PSU?

Will you buy new ram that is compatible with the new motherboard?

There's some good z390 mobos here -
Do you have a budget?
No. The shire is a micro atx. So its shorter :(
There's no gonna be a trouble with the psu. Recently i got a 850w 80pgold.
I'll keep using the ram i have now which is 2x16gb 2666 ddr4
I'd like not to spent more than 300€.

Thank you so much