Question Prepping my old case for new parts - anything to avoid?


Mar 12, 2018
So I'm on the verge of finally having everything I need for a 12600k build and I was planning on using my old mid tower case (with new fans) for the new parts. I'd like to have everything all beloved patriot and span and plan on cleaning the case after removing the old components. I was wondering if there were any products/tools I should avoid. Should I only be going to town with canned air? Microfiber clothes are great at grabbing dust, but will they create unwanted charges in the case? Any recommended products/methods for prepping an older case?
Outside of any really abrasive methods, do whatever you want.

Regarding the concern with using microfiber, that's not really a problem. If you really want to cover your bases, you could either use a grounding strap or mount a PSU with a grounded cable plugged in. It doesn't have to be switched on either.


No need to ground an empty case for cleaning.

Just make sure to touch it to ground before installing any components, or use a grounding strap. Rubbing a piece of metal with cloth and the like can certainly build up a charge, the key is to eliminate that difference when you are handling the components. (I just use the 'elbow' method where I make sure to touch my arm to the chassis before allowing a component I am holding to touch anything in the case)

If you completely empty it out for cleaning you can just take a hose to it if you want. Leafblower or air compressor as well.