Presario 1701AP HDD not recognized by 2.5" HD External Case


Mar 30, 2004
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Hi Everyone,

My Compaq Presario 1701AP Notebook has a 30GB Toshiba MK3017GAP HDD and came
with Win ME 4.90.3000 pre-installed.

When I tried to use this HDD as a USB mass storage device in a 2.5" HD
External Case (USB to IDE case), the drive is not recognized by the host
system. Properties of the USB Mass Storage under USB in Devie Manager says
that either that device was not working normally or does not have the
updated drivers. However, with the same HD case and host computer, I was
able to use another 2.5" HDD - indicating that the host computer and the HD
case were working fine.

Partition information of the Toshiba HDD are (Disk sizes in MB) :-

Local Disk (C: )
Fat 32 - Size 23063.90, Used 8150.10, Free 14913.80
Active, Primary

Extended, Size 5551.90, Used 5551.90, Free 0.00
None Primary

System_Sav (D:)
Fat32, Capacity 5544.50, Used 5100.80, Free 443.60
None, Logical

Fat (E:)
FAT, Size 7.4, Used 0.00, Free 7.3
None, Logical
(This was originally an unallocated space of 7.4MB showing as Primary and
a FAT partition as above was created subsequently)

I would be thankful for any advice as to how the Toshiba HDD can be used as
an external mass storage device, without losing its file contents.