Presario 5630 power supply pinout ?



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I have the motherboard only no power supply. The main connector P1 looks
like a AT 12pin connector, J14 (aka cd/dvd inline jack, bad doc ?) looks
like a 3.3v aux connector.

Need the pinouts to rig a power supply.

stuff to help id board:
Slot 1 p3 jumpers to set cpu clock 300,350,400,450,500
nice 24 watt audio amp on board with heatsink
2 usb ports two 1395 ports/FireWire
rj45 lan port digital 21143-td chip
2 ps2 ports
25pin printer
game port
4 audio jacks
j9 front panel connector 8pin (missing pin 3/ key) anybody know which is
reset and power switch ?
3 pc 66/pc100/pc133 type memory slots


ASSY 007850-012


I've googled for a while and only find drawings that don't tell pinouts.
Requested pinouts from Compaq and got the same drawings.

this power supply maybe correct but with shipping more than i want to pay
note the 3 connectors of 6 pins each
green, white and black wires on the longest one J14?

red and blue on one connector
red yellow blue on the other
these may be like a AT connector with different color wires

thanks in advance


I have an old COMPAQ PRESARIO 5660 and the power supply for mine will work. Here is what my MotherBoard sticker says:


This powersupply also has an odd plug that plugs into the middle of the board, and I've discovered that this powers the AGP slot GPU card.

Let me know if your interested in the power supply or any additional parts and I'm sure we can work out a fair price, since this computer is so old I don't even use it. I was gonna turn it into an extra linux machine, but if it'll help you more, let me know...

My email is


PS: Do you have any idea what those three jumpers are for near the RAM slots? They're labeled R797, R798, and R799. Currently I have two jumpers on R797 and R798, but wanted to see if these might overclock the RAM at all...