May 28, 2003
I know...weird topic title.

Anyway, my son turned on his Presario last night and the monitor power light came on, as did the power light on the front of the PC case. The monitor never actually displayed anything. We tried rebooting, checking all the wires etc, but nothing worked. I plugged the monitor into my PC and it displayed to POST screen before I shut it off. I plugged it back into his PC and nothing. I don't think his PC is POSTing because if I push the power button on his PC case it turns off the PC immediately. I experience has been that you normally have to hold in the power button for several seconds to shut off a PC. I can't get into BIOS (or at least I can't SEE if I'm BIOS) because the monitor won't display anything. He has a EVGA6600 graphics card in there and I was hoping to try using the one built into the mobo, to see if it was a graphic card problem.

Any suggestions?



Jun 25, 2005
Reseat the video card first, replace it with one from another system to see if the motherboard etc. is ok, or try it in another pc.
You can reset the bios, mostly by shorting two pins with a jumper, see your manual. It will put the bios in a "safe default settings" state, with the onboard video as default.
See inside the pc if the cpu-cooler is still running on startup. If not, processor might be fried. Reseat the memory module(s), and processor if the other options don't work. When using multiple memory sticks, try starting with one stick at a time.


Apr 19, 2008
Before doing any of the suggested by Que I would drain the system power.

Do this: Unplug computer from outlet --> Press the power button 2 times (drains residual power)--> Plug computer back in and try powering on normally.

Sounds like you have had a static surge, try it, good luck.