Prescott and excessive hot


Oct 22, 2004
Hello Friends of the forum, I plan to buy a processor prescott 2.8 or of 3.0 Ghz in socket 478, my question is:
Who has some of these processors like had solved the problem of the excessive heat, I don't have air conditioning in my room.
Thank you .
a) Large Heat Sink (copper) + Noisy Fan
b) Water Cooling
c) Underclocking :frown:
d) Get an AMD 64 :lol:

Prescots work fine at the higher temperatures anyway. If you're not overclocking use the stock heat sink.

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I am just curios, what is the noise difference between say a 3200 Prescott stock cooler, and an AMD 3200+ stock cooler?

I doubt the difference is deafening.

Like I have said before, I have not had any stability problems due to my Prescott 3200 in terms of heat or anything else.
I use GigaByte's 3D Cooler Pro, which has variable speed fan, and I can run it at 3000rpm and heat is not a problem. My computer room, is an office in my garage, so I modded an A/C duct, but it is not sufficient cooling for comfort, so I also leave a window open.

I would recon, side by side, AMD and Prescott, given stock coolers, in a warm environment and stressed, that the AMD would start giving stability problems due to heat before the Prescott. Due in part to Prescotts higher heat threshold.

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