Press f1 or f2 but my computer just resets

Jan 6, 2019
I've had a problem with an error a2 and after my PC wouldn't let me do anything on it. After it said press f1 to run setup or f2 to run setup with some other stuff, but when I press either one it resets until the third one it just freezes. I dont know what to do. specs, I have a Geforce GTX 680, 4 Dominator ram sticks(32gb), 1tb, my processor is i7, a msi motherboard, and my power supply is a Toughpower 1200w. My uncle made this PC so I dont know all the specs but I see you were confused when I said my PC would freeze, so what would happen is if I either press f1 it says press f1 to run setup and f2 says press f1 to load defaults and run setup, but either one I press it would completely quik reset my PC and it'll turn on again until it turns on the third time it'll show the f1 or f2 screen and just completely freeze or it'll just show the A2 message on the bottom right. I hope you can respond to my problem.