[SOLVED] Pressing left alt key presses 4 other keys, not left alt... bug or feature?


May 18, 2016
Hello there! I have an Asus ROG Claymore keyboard from 2019. I've noticed some issues in the past months where whenever I sync it with AuraSync, all my other ROG devices (Fusion 500 and Gladius II) seem to get the note but the Claymore keeps blacking out (only on Sync mode, not on individual lighting mode). Just today another issue popped up: I was playing Commandos 2 and I tried to move the camera with left alt + click, and my Green Beret started moving and changing stances and whatnot. I visited the website https://en.key-test.ru to check what keys is it pressing, and I was devastated to see it presses both Controls, AltGr, the Menu key and Left Arrow all at once. I removed the keyboard device(s, because there were 3 entries in Device Manager under Keyboards), replugged it, even reinstalled Armoury Crate, nothing good came out of it. Does anyone have any useful tip or solution? Because it's a 200$ keyboard in a good condition and I don't really want to throw it out (also warranty is expired...). Thank you in advance!