Question Previously healthy external hard drive now endlessly loading after computer issue

Mar 14, 2021
Posted this on another website but got no answer, so I'm trying here,

For context, a few days ago my computer had a lot of unexpected mess-ups when starting, it kept getting stuck to the windows loading screen and it took me several forced shutdowns to actually reach the desktop (I suspect it was one of my internal dying hard drives that I have now replaced). When I finally could reach the desktop I unplugged my 2 external drives just in case.

After fixing this issue, I plugged them back in, and noticed that only one works. The other one opens automatically as usual, loads the files (some of them appear as blank pages as if they weren't loaded yet, others appear as normal), but then I can't click any of them and the loading meter at the top fills up to the last ~5% before endlessly loading until it's stopped, or file explorer goes unresponsive. Either way I always have to manually unplug it because I can't access it.

Here's what I've tried:
  • Plugged it into another pc, it also endlessly loaded until windows force-stopped it
  • Changed the cable, same issue
  • Plugged it in my computer while it was turned off then turned the PC on. The drive either didn't appear in file explorer or did appear but did the endless loading if I clicked on it
Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this problem? I've got family videos and old phone stuff on here, and I really don't want to lose any of them, especially when this external drive is barely 2 weeks old.


Dec 27, 2020
From all this data, the magic sphere only takes you to a nearest data recovery company and they will tell you after some tests what can you expect / what can be done with it. Probably a firmware problem, what is not a DIY homework.