Question Previously working Samsung EVO 970 now preventing post?


Dec 21, 2012
Came down to find my PC at the boot splash screen (ASUS Rog). Restarted and stayed there again. I was unable to get to BIOS, so I cleared the CMOS manually and that didn’t work. Removed GPU, didn’t help. After several other steps, I removed the NVME and was able to get to the BIOS. I updated BIOS to the most recent version via usb.

Ultimately, I concluded that the presence of the Samsung EVO is preventing the computer from letting me into bios at all. The “boot” LED on the mobo stays lit. When the EVO is in either NVME slot it doesn’t go past the initial screen (the “press f2 or delete” screen”). When it’s out, i can get to BIOS. I’ve since thrown windows on an older SSD and have the machine up and running, but I’d really like to not have to do all of the setup again.

I have an intel NVME that I have tried in both slots and it works fine as long as the EVO isn’t installed.

I can’t get to the BIOS or to the new windows drive if the Samsung in installed, so I can’t choose to boot from the SSD (or a usb, for that matter) to see if the system can see the EVO. It’s like the EVO jumps to the top of the boot order and screws everything up.

The motherboard is a ASUS Strix z-370e. Thanks for any help!