Prey Performance Review

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May 27, 2017
I love the "Frame Time" chart on page 3. This provides a really nice graphical representation of what your experience would be in-game. I'm excited to see charts like that one used in future reviews.


Sep 17, 2015

I suspect they are going for cards in the mainstream. I'm sure there are plenty of 480s in use out there. Not too many 580s yet since it is new.

Well there's a lot of hardware missing I'd have liked to have seen as well like a GTX 1080. However in all fairness, they said they chose their hardware on what people *currently* have (according to Steam user hardware surveys), not what they may get in the future. Not many have Ryzen builds and GTX 1080s yet.

In any event, as a 1440p GTX 970 SLI owner, I'd have liked to have seen the VRAM consumption at that resolution since there are benchmarks for it here. For me it's a little concerning that even at 1080p it uses 3.1GB. I'm trying to squeeze another year out of my GPUs holding out for Volta. But Pascal is due for a refresh later this summer/early fall (2xxx series).

I see the argument but how big of a percentage will not buy the game thinking the Ryzen was left out because of very poor optimization? Its a bad move for a game developer to risk limiting its potental customers. I was wanting the game but I'll wait till I see Ryzen benchmarks.

You can get an idea of that right now with other games and what to expect:

My guess is based on that, it will be fine for above 1080p resolutions as the GPU is used more no matter how powerful the CPU is.

Your links are to far cry primal not prey. Here is the only one I have found but its on a questionable site.



looks tempting, I remember playing the original.
Regarding the charts, am I the only one who finds the CPU utilisation chart confusing. Even knowing the AMD card uses a little less I can't figure out how the coloured bars tell me that? Wouldn't a min, max, and average bar be simpler?
I like that this review uses a setup that is most commonly used and in-budget for gamers. If people would look at (data and conculsion) how easily this game plays at 1080p with a midrange GPU n CPU I think you'd realize there is no need to test every possible GPU n CPU on the planet. Personally I wish more people tested games using normal gamers setup.

If your benchmark graph is to be believed, the AMD system appears to perform better than the Intel system, which doesn't exactly help the narrative that Ryzen should be skipped for pure gaming systems.

The review is incomplete.

While it's true to say that Ryzen isn't in a lot of systems yet, as it's too new, Ryzen is something a lot of people are looking at purchasing. Reviews shouldn't just be for what people currently have, but also should include what people are shopping for. People look at reviews to help with product choices. Leaving Ryzen out of the review here seems to promote a level of disservice to consumers.

While I would agree its the slowest 6 core broadwell-e vs the fastest 8 core Ryzen. Actually looks like the core support isn't upto par. Could be the game only supports 4 cores.


May 22, 2009
Interesting that this is tested with the old RX480 and not the new RX580 although there isn't that huge difference. Should still be enough to pass 1060.


Dec 9, 2013

I believe the RX-580 is close to 10% faster than the RX-480. However, the GTX1060 may have slightly more OC left so it's probably at least 5%.

Careful with PRICING though because the RX-480 (4GB and 8GB) and GTX1060 6GB prices vary between $200 and $400USD.

It's hard to justify spending more than $260USD for the Asus Strix GTX1060 6GB though because if you go much higher you're getting close to a GTX1070 which starts at $335.

Also keep in mind that Nvidia is going to come out with a Pascal refresh later this summer or early fall with a 2000 series to extend a little more life before releasing consumer grade Voltas in 2018. The last time they did this was with Kepler going from the 6-series to the 7-series to extend Kepler's life until Maxwell (which gained about 10% in performance, like the 680->770).


Jan 22, 2007
On Win7, FF 53.0.3, most of the images on page 1 are not visible. They show up in IE, though I notice some of the slider quality comparisons don't appear to show the same scene (or at least that's what it looks like).


Nov 15, 2013
I'm interested by the CPU Utilization because I ran this game on a 4 core i7 and I was consistently getting more than 60% utilization, indicating the game was using at least 5 threads. On a 4 thread i5 I figured it would be pegged at 100%
I don't like how the article states "there is still more headroom" because a CPU can rarely use 100% in a game. A game can easily be bottlenecked due to the performance of a SINGLE CORE (running the main thread of game code).

Heck, I've got games that are bottlenecked when my system reports 30% CPU usage (i.e. using only two threads in eight-thread i7 CPU).
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