Primary IDE Not Detected


Jul 14, 2007
I just built my first computer. I've got an Asus Commando mobo, Intel E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz, 1GB Corsair 6400C4, Corsair 620W PSU, LiteOn DVD w/Lightscribe (SATAII), WD800AVJB EIDE HD w/Windows XP and all latest updates, ATI X1550 PCIe16 GPU in an Antec 900 case. I've flashed the BIOS to the most current 1302 rev.

When I power-up the system, I get caught in an infinite loop... like "Groundhog Day" all over again. The first screen to come up is one with Jmicron controller info: PCIE to SATAII/IDE RAID Controller BIOS v1.06.64, then "HDD0: WD800AVJB 80GB" followed by "Press any key to continue". Then the start-up screen loads and the infinite loop begins: next screen is the "Windows was powered down improperly, etc., etc., start in Safe Mode, Safe Mode w/Networking, Last Know Good Config, Start Windows Normally, etc., and no matter what option I choose, it continues through that loop until I push the power button to shut it down. It did this before I flashed to the new BIOS, as well. Also, I’ve got another stick of RAM but didn’t install it because there’s a known problem with this board not recognizing it sometimes at initial start-up. I thought I’d get it running with the one, change the voltages, and then put in the other stick. I haven't changed the voltages yet, still 1.8v. I've cleared the CMOS to no avail.

When I go into set-up, it shows that the Primary IDE is "Not Detected", although the DVD (on the separate SATA controller) is detected. The thing I can't figure out is how that first screen is coming up showing the HD when in the set-up it shows "Not Detected". So, it sees it, but it doesn't. I get into the same loop even if I disconnect the DVD.

I've got 2 WD3200YS SATAII drives that are clean and that I plan on using in a RAID set-up, but I've not installed them in the system yet. The 80GB drive is out of an old computer and I was going to use it to update all the drivers, etc. before putting in the other 2 drives. Also, I've rethought and think I'm going to get another small SATAII drive to load the OS on and use the 320's for data only. Finally, even if I 86 the 80GB drive, I still need the IDE channel at least once to transfer data to the new drives.

The only thing I can think of is to pull the 80GB and put in one of the 320’s, load XP on it and then jump thru all the hoops with the drivers, firmware, etc. But, would that have any affect on the “Primary IDE” in the set-up? AND, I understand that SATA drives need at least SP1 to operate and my version of XP is pre-SP1 so am I stuck there, too? OR, is this board dingleberried and am I just gonna have to RMA the thing?

I’m sorry to have made this such a dissertation, but I wanted to give as much info as possible in hopes that someone might have an idea. Thanks a bunch for any help anyone might be able to offer.


Former Staff

I take it you put a pre-loaded drive from another computer into it? You'll likely need at least a "Repair Installation" which requires booting from an XP CD. You might even need a "full re-install" where you'd boot from the CD, format the drive, and install again.

You need to go into BIOS and disable RAID mode for the Jmicron controller. Others will tell you that you need to load drivers for the RAID controller, but you don't: The Jmicron can be address by Windows as a standard IDE controller using generic drivers so long as RAID mode is turned off. In BIOS, you should have the option to choose "IDE" mode.

Windows isn't configured for your current hardware. You'll need to set the correct mode (IDE) for the JMicron controller, then do a "repair" installation of Windows, or perhaps even a fresh installation.

Set your voltages to manufacturer-recommended settings

If you want Windows on the RAID, you'll have to put the Intel controller in RAID mode, install the new drives, create and array, and use a driver floppy with the "F6" command following the prompt by Windows (installation) Startup on a clean installation. If you just want to add the RAID array as added storage, you can do that after you fix the other problems.

Set the JMicron controller to IDE mode then. You can put the new installation on the new drive or even the new RAID array (2 drives) if you like, and set the boot order to CD->965 RAID array (whatever it's called in BIOS), and leave the IDE drive (or JMicron controller) out of the boot order.