Mar 10, 2015
Hi all,

The title pretty much says it all but in more detail: I have a dual monitor setup, primary is plugged in using DisplayPort and secondary using HDMI, both plugged directly into my video card. When I have a stream/video open (using Chrome) on monitor 2, my primary monitor games become choppy. This happens with every game, and any stream (twitch, sports games, youtube videos, etc). I have tried everything related to drivers, FreeSync, setting/capping monitor refresh rates etc. My build is as follows:

RX580 4gbRyzen 5 260016gb RAM2x250gb SSDs, 1TB HDDASUS ROG B350-F750W bronze evga PSU


Primary is a 27" LG 75hzSecondary is 24" LG 60hz

important note:
The games become very choppy but the FPS counters always stay high. (100+ FPS in most games) which makes me think it's not a video card issue but monitor?