Question primary monitor randomly went black, now stays black

Mar 14, 2020
hi guys,
so i'm using a 2 monitor setup, where the primary one is an older samsung 27 inch monitor which is connected via an hdmi (on the monitor) to dvi cable (in the gpu). the secondary monitor is a smaller (i guess 24 inch) samsung monitor which is also connected to the gpu but with hdmi to hdmi.

after some years of use, the primary monitor started going black randomly for about maybe 2 seconds in the beginning. then it went worse and the monitor would stay black for over a minute. i tried turning it on and off rapidly, it helped for one evening but now it stays completely black and i dont know if the monitor is broken so that it can be disposed basically or if i could maybe repair it.

i already tried swapping the cables of both monitors, without success. also tried hooking up the "broken" monitor with the same hdmi to dvi cable but on to the mainboard, stayed black as well.

the monitor doesnt turn off though, i can still change to analog mode (vga input) with the touch panel on the monitor.

edit: some more information regarding hardware even though i'm pretty sure its the monitors port or something. i'm on a radeon r9 390 GPU + intel i7 8700k & 16 GB's of RAM