Question Primary monitor will not wake up when more than one monitor is connected ?

Mar 1, 2021
I am using a 3060 Ti

I use one DP output (Primary) and one hdmi (dual monitor). But, when the screens are asleep (for idle, not doing anything) the primary monitor won't wake up, only the second monitor wakes up and I have to unplug the DP cable and plug it again to use primary monitor.

After doing some research online, I have done:
replace a DP cable
Plug the power of the screen after unplug one minute
Disable ULPS in regedit
Change power saving plan to high performance
Turn off power saving mode for the monitor
Replug in the graphic card
Update geforce drivers
Update bios
Update graphic card bios

But the problem continues. Now I just unplug the hdmi cable and use single monitor before the problem is solved, or alternatively I hold windows key + p to switch to second screen only, and switch it back to different modes.

Any help will be appreciated


Mar 1, 2021
Here is my rig:
CPU: R7 3700x
mobo: MSI B450i gaming plus AC
GPU: Asus Dual RTX 3060 Ti O8G
Ram: G.Skill 3200mhz 8gbx2

Just tried sfc /scannow and it looks fine with "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations."