Feb 28, 2023
currently purchased r9 7950x along with this ASUS prime x670-p wifi
have tried kingston fury 5600mhz , that was on the QVL list as a single kit 64gbkit
installed 2 kits =128gb and no boot
returned then purchased the amd certified 5600mhz 64gb kit x 2 no boot
round and round i have been told by asus that we are just waiting for 128kit to be created by the memory mfg.
asus website states its supports 128gb but to date they have no solution that has been tested to support that statement.
they refuse to provide or test or confirm any solution equal 128gb .

the only way by trial and error that we have found is to DOWN CLOCK to 3600 MHZ speed to have the system run stable at all .
this is not a valid solution for such beast of a processor to castrate the memory to less than ddr4 overclocked memory .

any one else run into the same problem ?


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Can you please state what BIOS version you're on for your motherboard? Which slots are populated on your board? Got a link to the ram kit you're working with? Usually it's BIOS that's holding you back in these kind of instances, not the memory kits(well kind of).