prime95 stresstest some cores at 90C should i be worried?

Sep 21, 2018
As title says i ran that test few minutes back and then ran Speccy to check what temps are and when i saw that numbers i instantly stopped test ..

this is what i have

posted result was done when pc was in "idle" stat

in my avg usage speccy was showing on avg ~65-72C

i know now what is most likely culprit behind higher temps.. my paste on proc is there 3+ years i wanted to change it last week but my g8 bro told me he used my paste on comps he sold so i dont have one..

Question tho that i want to ask if my proc was running at that high temps could it be damaged?
If so how to check it up

After that stopped test i checked my MB bios version and noticed that i can update it so im goin to do that now.

Few more questions but not rly on CPU now or at least i think so..

1. ocasional stutters and lately fps drops on game im playing almost 2 years without problems

2. Rly slow boot ups and windows starts sometimes

3. New win installation on already half full hdd is there a way to install it on start of disc?
If this is a standard Intel provided cooler, too-high temps during stress testing is semi-expected, and most are told to be content with 70-80C heavy gaming temps as long as it is not throttling. Certainly, sometimes paste degrades over the years, so, no harm in replacing it with a quality paste as a low cost attempt...

P95 , especially later versions (post v26.6) and small FFTs in particular, are often thought of as 'unrealistic torture loads' on CPUs, with similar results never to be seen under normal use scenarios.