Question Printer for text, laser of inkjet.

Feb 18, 2019
Looking to buy a printer for my kid who will need to print a lot of black and white text (exercises, graphs etc.).

This pinter is supposed to do a temporary (4-5 months) but intensive job (2000 pages).

  • Most cheap inkjet printers used to cause me trouble in the past. The heads clogged (Canon) and the declared page count was fake.
  • Most laser printers are too expensive. I had a Samsung ML2010 for 10 years and it was great, I could refill it a few times a year and the same drum, after so many years was working like a charm. Had to move to another continent and leave the printer at home.
I am looking for a printer which:

  • can do decent black and white, no fancy quality.
  • is going to be cheap as it is a temporary printer
  • can be refilled at home, which means no chips in the cartridges. Just a hole to fill with ink or toner, depending on type.
So does anybody have suggestions? My printer knowledge has stopped 10 years ago when I bought the ML2010 as I neve needed anything more but I heard that some printers can be problematic nowadays (chips, counter reset etc.)

Thanx :)