Printer is on network but it is not coming online


Mar 1, 2012
Hello there,
I am unable to view my qms 2200 on my window 7 network. I have checked drivers, ip addresses and just about everything I can think of I have even hired 2 different tech people who were unable to get as far as I got and charged me an arm and a leg. the message I get from the trouble shooter is contact your network admin and the printer is offline....... What or how do I find the what seems like a simple solution to get the printer online before I stub my toe on drop kicking this thing........ thanks for any help or suggestions offered.

How is it on the network? On a print sever share or are you connecting directly to the printer with a local IP port? Printer pings? Test pages on the printer show the proper IP? Printer is online on the control panel? Can you get to the internal configuration of the printer using the IP?