Question Printer Only Prints Pdf Files


Dec 18, 2015
Hey so if anyone can offer any help on this, I have 2 HP envy 6055 printers, both installed exactly 1 yr (1 yr warranty) and 3 weeks ago. Both have worked, printed any file, from word, emails, web, etc as well as from laptop, phones, tablet, etc. Main computer is windows 10, router is wifi6 nighthawk, which replaced a WD dual band on which the printer also would drop the connection after one print job.
Have not tried to print anything in months however, and come to find out now that it ONLY will print pdf files, what the ?;';!?

I have uninstalled re-installed softwares, driver's, routers & configs, reboot reboot etc. Nothing. Also connection fails after one print job, must reinstall again.

SOOO, any idea what the deal could be, OR can someone direct me to a current home printer line that actually works correctly AND stays connected to the network?

Pretty please with sugar on top?



Regarding "Have not tried to print anything in months ". Why was that - some Covid related shutdown?

How are those two HP 6055 printers set up with respect to end user configuration: network printers, shared printers?

More detail needed.

Connectivity for both printers : wired, wireless?

Where did you get the printer drivers? Were the drivers manually downloaded directly from HP's website and then manually reinstalled and reconfigured?

When attempting to print other file types (not .pdf) what error messages or other pop-up windows, etc. appear?

This printer?

(Please verify that I found the applicable manual.)

More information needed.