Question Printer sharing issues Windows 10

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Jan 16, 2016
I have a printer connected via USB to a computer running Windows 7. It works fine.
I want to connect to it via wireless connection on my laptop running Windows 10. I can see my Windows 7 computer in network. And when I open the directory, the shared printer icon is there. But when I click it, it says I have no access: error 0x00000709.
Same when I try to add the printer via network path. I type in the path:
It recognizes it but doesn't connect. One of 2 things happen: endless loop trying to connect or an error pops up saying I can't connect to the printer.

I had this issue in the past with Windows 10 and was able to solve it with a lot of effort, after watching lots of videos and reading a bunch of articles. In the end I think the solution was turning off 1 or more services, but I really can't recall what I had to do...
Can anyone help?
Thank you in advance.

UPDATE: I have another Windows 10 computer on the same network but connected via ethernet cable. On it, I can connect to the printer with no issues at all. I don't know if they have different Windows 10 versions or if it might have something to do with the access via wireless connection.
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